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Chin and jawline contouring is a cosmetic procedure that adds symmetry to the facial features and improves overall harmony to the face and profile. Chin and jawline contouring restores balance to the face, bringing a more statuesque and refined appearance.

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benefits of

Chin & Jawline Augmentation


Here are some of the advantages of having a chin and jawline contouring done at Revitalize Palm Beach:

  • Immediate results with new appearance of chin/jawline
  • More balanced face
  • Elevate the confidence you have in your facial appearance
  • Better defined jaw line
  • More symmetrical facial appearance

Good candidates for a chin and jawline contouring are men and women who are in good physical health. The balance of our facial features and appearance is highly individualized and depends on our genetic inheritance, lifestyle and habits. Dr. Capaldi will listen to your particular needs to provide information about the options for treatments that achieve your goals and increase the harmony of your facial features. Patients should have realistic expectations for their results. During a consultation with Dr. Capaldi, he will help counsel as to whether this procedure is the right choice to address your needs.*

Some of the risks involved with a chin and jawline contouring procedure can include bleeding, bruising, hematoma, infection, scarring, filler migration and asymmetry which usually resolves on its own within 3 weeks.*

*Disclaimer: Any specific claims or permanence length of results vary for each patient and are not guaranteed. Only a professional can determine what your specific treatment plan should be. 

Dr. David Capaldi is a licensed physician in Florida, New Jersey and New York and has extensive training in the most advanced treatments available today, including microneedling, Botox®, Juvéderm®, and Restylane®. Dr. Capaldi’s goal for his facial aesthetics is to enhance his patients’ natural beauty and confidence rather than trying to create new and unnatural looking faces.

a personalized plan
During a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Capaldi will establish what the patient’s goals and preferences are for their treatment and create a personalized plan discussing all available treatment options and their benefits.